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What does Aijob do? 

We match candidates with jobs faster, better and smarter. How? By using artificial intelligence. The technology scans the resumes, so that you do not have to type in your previous experience or copy and paste from Word. 


But that’s not the genius part. The genius part is the solution that works behind the headlines, previous positions and the companies you have worked for. The technology will match characteristics and qualities that your experience requires and that you might not have written on your resume. The result is that the job you didn't know existed, meets the employee you didn’t know.


Who is Aijob? 

Aijob is the future meeting place for employees and employers. We match jobs and candidates smarter, faster and better.


The company was established in 2018 and is run by Tore Haukanes, together with Jon Terje Hauger and Jarle Mortensen. All three have an engineering background and have significant experience and a fantastic career development to look back at. Tore started as a sheet metal worker in 1980 and became CEO 17 years later. They have established and operated a number of companies, before Aijob.


Aijob collaborates with Eightfold, who has developed a solution that ensures a more precise, faster and better match between the employer and employee.


Why Aijob?

You get smarter, faster and better job matches. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you do not have to manually read through all of the applications. If you are looking for a job you do not have to write these. Time is saved.  


At the same time, the artificial intelligence ensures that the match between the job listing and the best candidates is of high quality, precise and completely anonymous. You can therefore go quickly to the interviews of the candidates that you find interesting, based only on their qualities and characteristics.