Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get. Don't hesitate to reach out if you can’t find the answer you are looking for.

How do I register as a candidate?
  1. Create a user
  2. Add any relevant experience and qualities, or upload your resume as a PDF or Word document.
  3. Review your profile and view the relevant jobs for you.
What format does my resume need to be in?

For best results, your resume should be in either a Word document (.docx) or a PDF document (.pdf), but remember that you can also enter your experiences and attributes directly into the profile, without uploading your resume.

How can I know if a position has been imported from (NAV) or if the employer has submitted it directly?

If the button at the top of the job listing says “apply now”, the position is entered directly and the application process takes place within Aijob. If the button says “search on the company’s page”, will the button take you to the listing at NAV’s website and the process continues there - not with Aijob.

How do I best present myself in the best possible way on Aijob?

Aijob primarily uses skills and attributes for the matching. It is therefore important to include all the skills and attributes you can think of. It is also important to link the skills to each individual work experience and education so that Aijob understands why you possess this particular skill. Remember that activities beyond the context of work can give you relevant skills and qualities. This can be, for example, a board member for the complex you live in, football coach, tour leader for a youth group, etc. Maybe you have worked as a project manager in the construction of a youth center or something similar. Take all this in consideration under work experience. It is the artificial intelligence that reads your profile, hence it is not necessary to be brief, as you would in a normal and manual application process. On the contrary, the richer profile you create, the better!

How can Aijob understand which positions I am qualified for?

The core of Aijob is hundreds of algorithms written by world-leading experts in this field. These algorithms have since been used to learn from and understand over 1.5 billion careers. This is a huge amount of data, and Aijob therefore knows much more than a human recruiter is capable of. Among other things, Aijob knows the millions of defined skills that are relevant in a work environment, the connection between the skills and the different ways in which one can acquire each individual skill. This is the strength of Aijob that allows us to provide smarter, faster and better job matching solutions.

Hvordan registrerer jeg meg som bedrift?
  1. Publish the job listing
  2. Systemet vil foreslå en liste med kandidater hvor de antatt beste er øverst.
  3. Les gjennom listen og huk av de som du ønsker å intervjue og kall dem inn til intervju med et klikk.