How to find a better job, faster and smarter

We believe that it should be easy for you to find your dream job. With Aijob, you are three simple steps away from an overview of opportunities that suit you.

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Job offers in three simple steps

Create a user

Make yourself visible to employers - anonymously, of course.

Customize your profile

You can base your profile on your resume in a Word- or PDF-format.

Browse your matches

Your qualifications and characteristics are matched with employers

This is how you find the best jobs


Finding a job through Aijob is easy. Artificial intelligence will match you and your experience with available jobs that suit you. This entails that you quickly get an overview of the opportunities that exist - also in industries you may not have thought of.


It’s this simple:

  • Create a user
  • Customize your profile
  • Browse your matches


Your profile can be based on your resume in a Word document or PDF format. Artificial intelligence will suggest skills that match your resume and experience. It is important that you look through the suggested qualities and skills, as these are vital to the job matching process.

And one more thing: no one can see who you are prior to the interview. In other words, it is your qualifications and qualities that we match. Not place of origin, gender or other irrelevant elements.

Good luck.

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