How to find qualified candidates, faster and smarter

We believe it should be easy to find qualified candidates. With Aijob, you are three simple steps away from finding the right fit for your company.

How to get started

Register your company

It only takes a few minutes to register your company. It's completely free.

Publish the job listing

Publish the job listing with just a few clicks. It will then become visible to anyone.

Review the relevant candidates

Once you have found relevant candidates, you can arrange an interview with one click.

Register your company

This is how you find the best candidates

Hiring new employees is time consuming. Also, it is difficult to know if the candidate is the right fit for the company. Aijob makes it easier for you to choose the right candidates. The result is a significantly faster process with better precision. All thanks to the use of automation and artificial intelligence (AI).


How to get started

  1. Register your company 
  2. Publish the job listing
  3. Review the relevant candidates and arrange an interview with one click


It is only when you call in for an interview that you pay for the service. And then the price is only kr. 1.900 per person you are interviewing.

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